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Portfolio Reveal

AUGUST 24, 2022


Antler Australia's Portfolio Reveal showcases the Fund's most recent investments. The event gives the founders of these startups an opportunity secure investment by pitching their cutting-edge solutions, and investors an insight into why Antler has back them to do so.Watch a recording of the virtual event in full, or learn more about the individual companies, and their team.

Antler Portfolio Reveal

Antler Portfolio Companies

Learn more about companies Antler has invested in.
Watch an extended pitch, read through their deck, and get in touch with the founders.

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Antler is changing the way early-stage startups are formed and investments are made.For founders and startups, we enable you to build the defining companies of tomorrow, join the world's fastest-growing community of investors and secure investment from Australia's only truly global VC. Our next intake launches September 26.For investors, we target outsized returns by investing at lower valuations, investing early, and investing in a diversified, sector-agnostic portfolio. Ultimately, de-risking the investment opportunity for investors.Whether you're a founder, investor, both or other, get in touch with us!

Watch the Portfolio Reveal event

Send compliant communications with AI

Empowering employees to send compliant communications with AI

Optimising leave, well-being & your balance sheet

We are a benefits platform that gives employees access to more money or more time off whilst automating your benefits program and reducing excess leave liabilities.

Enabling Accountants to be Virtual CFOs

Brieff is a SaaS product that helps accountants enhance and scale their advisory services.

Work and workers at your fingertips

We connect casual labourers with employers, enabling on-demand flexible work and workers at your fingertips!

Enabling businesses to build software faster automates the conversion of designs into production-ready code without impacting the developer customizability and ownership of the code.

We use enhanced weathering to attack two of humanity's greatest threats: climate change and food security

By 2030, Carbonaught's platform will be removing 1 billion tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere annually. We will achieve this in concert with restoring degraded soils to shore up humanity's food supply.

Empowering investment teams to make frictionless investment decisions

Quantflo is an investment platform for institutional limited partners that struggle to optmise investment returns due to inefficient processes, inadequate modelling capabilities and insufficient analytics.

Safe & simple

A regulated investment account, offering Aussies a fair interest rate on their savings.

Data Privacy as a Service

Build cloud native data privacy and protection in any application, in minutes.

Financial toolkit for freelancers and gig workers in Australia

Maximize your earnings and save thousands $$ a year on taxes.

Connecting brands to the
Web3 ecosystem

Plaza provides the infrastructure to connect brands to Web 3 communities.

Your Shopping, Your Way!

ShopAssist is a marketplace that connects consumers to local shops with a single checkout across multiple shops fulfilled by personalized shoppers.

We open the world of wellness, to elevate lives, cultures and careers

Wellbase empowers employees with unrivalled access to the world of holistic wellness, inspiring them to get curious, experiment and curate a personalised practice.